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Shipping Services


Hodgins Art Auctions Ltd. does not undertake either packing or shipping inhouse.  You must designate and arrange for the services of an independent shipper and you are responsible for all shipping and insurance expenses.  

The handling of sold lots is always handled in the same order as payment is received.  Please make sure that you pay for your purchases prior to contacting any shipper.  We cannot release goods that have not been paid for, nor can we release goods if we do not have your explicit authorization.

The following list of independent third-party shippers is provided as a convenience to our clients.  We cannot be held responsible for the service or assume any liability for providing this information.  

Shipping of mid-sized paintings and lower value items requiring corregated container shipping

The UPS Store 319
Tel: 403-777-5288
Owner / Operator: Jay Kim

Local deliveries of fine art and smaller pieces of furniture

OC Delivery Solutions Ltd.
Tel: 403-714-5609
Owner/Operator:  Orville and Carol Randen

Fine Art Paintings requiring trucking services within Western Canada

Art Schifft (formerly Artpacked)
Tel: 778-885-5152
Owner/Operator:  Bill Betzler

​Fine Art Paintings requiring trucking services throughout Canada

FYM Transport

​Local deliveries of furniture and bulkier items

Home Suite Home Moving
Tel: 403-861-5857
Owner/Operator: John Feheny

​Shipping of large, fragile and high value items requiring hard wood crating and more specialized shipping

Paradise Packaging (Calgary) Ltd.
Tel: 403-215-7716
Owner/Operator: Nick Johnson

Special notice:

Restrictions exist regarding the import and export of species protected under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). This includes but is not limited to items made of or containing bone (whalebone etc.), ivory, tortoise shell, seal skin, rhinoceros horn and any other animal part and is strictly controlled or forbidden by most countries. Please review your country’s laws before bidding on pieces made of or containing these restricted items. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inquire about and obtain the proper permits for artwork purchased that may contain restricted materials, if such permit can be obtained. Please contact the department for further assistance. For more information please visit

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