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Bidding Options


IN PERSON  Register in house, obtain your bid card, and attend the auction.

WRITTEN ABSENTEE BIDS  Print out the Absentee Bid Form, list your maximum bids, and return the form to us by fax or email.  Alternately, complete a form at the preview and submit it in person.  Please read the Guide to Absentee Bidders prior to completing the form.  A staff member will administer your bids during the auction.

TELEPHONE BIDDING  To arrange a phone bid, please complete the Absentee Bid Form, indicating "PHONE" in the "Top Bid" column and submit it to us.  A staff member will call you during the auction.  This representative will relay information and your bids during the sale.  You should provide a backup phone number and/or a backup Absentee Bid in case we are unable to reach you.

WEBCAST BIDDING  Our WEBCAST feature allows you participate electronically in a live auction, either in real-time or by pre-bidding.  In both cases you will need to have a username and password and be registered for the sale.

Webcast Pre-Bidding  The Web Catalogue allows you register for the Webcast and an electronic pre-bid prior to the auction. This bid is similar to an Absentee Bid, but is administered by the software.  Simply click into the lot detail page, fill in your maximum bid, and click on the “Place Bid” button.  Once you confirm your bid, it takes effect immediately.  This is a contractually binding bid.  The current top bid will appear online prior to the auction (but not the potential maximum).

Webcast Real-Time Bidding  Live auctions are held at our showroom with an auctioneer and bidders in attendance.  With our Webcast system you can now be at a computer anywhere, listening to the auctioneer and bidding in real-time, as long as you pre-register and are logged in to your account.

Register to bid through our Web Catalogue (you will receive a confirmation email).  Approximately one half hour prior to the auction a “Bid Live” button will appear. 

As long as you are registered and logged in you will be able to listen to the auctioneer and bid in real-time through your computer.  If you choose this option please register early as we WILL NOT be able to offer assistance during the auction.

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