Accepting Consignments - Fall Auctions

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Fall 2018 Art Auction

Monday, November 26th @ 7 p.m.

Contact our offices to have your artworks considered for inclusion.

Henry George Glyde  THE ATHABASCA, CANADIAN ROCKIES; 1979  oil  30 x 40 in.

Kevin Sonmor  SOLO NAVIGATION; 1998  oil  42 x 53 in.

Takao Tanabe  ERRINGTON, B.C., LOOKING EAST TO THE MAINLAND; 1982  acrylic  34.5 x 55.25 in.

Frederick Arthur Verner  OJIBWA WIGWAMS NEAR FORT FRANCIS, RAINEE RIVER; 1882  watercolour  6.75 x 13 in.

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